Meet the Team

An Organization Is Only As Good As Its Team…

Fortunately, we have all the bases covered!

We’re all part of the same team—you, NexLAN, and the software publisher—with the shared goal of your business success as, simply put, we only succeed when YOU succeed.

The selection of your mid-tier financial management software certainly is key to your business success. All mid-tier systems are supported by their respective channels of implementation and support partners, and the selection of the support team is—dare we say—even more critical than the selection of the software, as we’ve seen numerous implementations of a great product fail with a poor support team.

Thus, you need a team with the breadth and depth to be able to offer solutions and alternatives based on of their experience. A team that, when you have a problem, they’ve seen it before and solved it before and can handle it promptly—then we can move forward together to a solution.

That team is NexLAN

We do 99%+ of our support remotely, so most of our clients have never met someone from NexLAN – but it’s always great to put a face with the name, so here’s the roster of the NexLAN team that’s always standing by in the cornfields.

Nexlan Support

Mark “Ace”

Mark has been the anchor of the team for more than 20 years and still puts ’em over the fence.

He specializes in sales tax integrations, RMA processes, and bad puns.


Mike “Bazooka” Foehrer

Winner of the NexLAN arm wrestling contest (not kidding!), Mike has the arm to get the ball from deep right field all the way home.

Mike specializes in credit card and shipping integrations, plus two-wheeled velocipedes.

Adam “Big Johnson” Johnson

Adam can play any position on the field—leveraging built-in system functionality, understanding business-specific processes, and then modifying a system to provide the best solution.

Whatever base he’s on—it’s covered!

Stephen “Boomerang” Cavaliere

Stephen excels on the field and in the gym—putting the POWER in power hitter and power lifter with his focus on seeing a project from many angles.

He specializes in dead lift, squats, commission calculations and BI implementations.

Kevin “Colonel” Stroud

Hailing from rolling bluegrass hills well south of the Illinois cornfields, Kevin slings a mean rock and roll guitar and has been known to launch himself into low-earth orbit atop high-speed two-wheeled death machines.

Kevin is our first string pitcher for requirements specs and not-your-CPA-talking accounting suggestions (to then confirm with your real CPA).

Andrew “Hammer” Youhas

Even though we use a baseball theme here on our website, internally we call new tasks “jump balls” – and Andrew is the king of the backboard at pulling down tasks and taking them to the hoop for custom reports, data extractions and Bank Reconciliation.

Tony “Jersey Boy” Tiernan

Tony has more actual baseball experience than everyone else at NexLAN combined—and even heads up the non-profit “Danville Fury Baseball” organization for youth ages 8 to 18—so he was the inspiration for the theme of our Meet the Team page and instrumental in our snazzy outfits.

Besides baseball jerseys, Tony also has an affinity for clients from New Jersey—and for CRM systems.

Beau “The Kid” Butner

Erstwhile youngest member of the team, it’s hard to live down a name like “The Kid” once you’ve been tagged with it…

Beau is one of our nerdiest nerds, with mad skillz in C# and REST APIs—and is the go-to-guy for NexReports and email integrations.

James “Knuckles” Divan

Newest member of the team, James joins us with significant industry experience in enterprise level databases and hits the ground running in Microsoft PowerBI development.

Better yet, you can drop a fishing line into the mighty Vermilion River from James’ deck on the back of his house.

Rachel “Skipper” Stroud

Somebody’s gotta keep the team supported and focused, which is where Rachel shines.

She’s our in-house accounting person, also often fielding client questions on the operation of the software.


Jon “Spud”

Jon specializes in payroll calculations—so if something’s askew on a W-2 then he’s the best person to catch the ball.