Dear AccountMate Clients;

Each year, Accounting Technology scours the country seeking the true leaders in technology and accounting.  NexLAN is honored to be included on this year’s elite list.

According to Accounting Technology, the Top 100 Technology Pacesetters include “the premier accounting software resellers and consultants who have distinguished themselves through their outstanding performance. From multi-million-dollar operations to one-person shops, these firms have evolved from handling accounting software to being the providers of the critical technology that small and midsize companies need to be successful.”

Last June, NexLAN was proud to receive the prestigious recognition of being named one of only eleven “Killer VARs.” (Value Added Resellers)

We thank Accounting Technology and Accounting Today for the recognition and look forward to continuing to raise the bar for all VARs and consultants by providing outstanding support for you, our clients.


Kevin E. Stroud

SQL Maintenance Plan

We stress and re-stress the importance of maintaining a good backup plan.  Establishing a solid procedure will ensure that your data is available when (not if) you need it.

However, if you’re running SQL Server, you need to do more than a data backup.  You need a SQL Maintenance Plan, which benefits your system in many ways:

Optimization: Your SQL Maintenance Plan will reconfigure your data and files for optimum performance, increasing speed and decreasing file sizes.

Integrity: The Maintenance Plan checks your databases for inconsistencies, helping maintain data integrity.

Complete Backup: Even if you are diligent in swapping tapes, checking backup logs and staying on top of your backup schedule, unless you have an add-on specifically created to backup SQL data, your “regular” backup software will not capture the open SQL files.  A SQL maintenance plan can backup to tape and/or disk providing multiple locations for your data – a key part of a good backup procedure.

Transaction Backup: Serving as a supplement to the Complete Backup, this backup fills in the time between nightly backups.  Many of our clients have a Transaction Backup scheduled for every two hours, meaning that if a restore is needed, the transactional data is no more than two hours old.

If you haven’t reviewed your SQL Maintenance Plan this year, it’s time that you did.  Give us a call and we’ll help ensure that your server is working just diligently as you are!

Payroll Tax Subscription News

Although the Payroll Tax Subscription Updates have been available from AccountMate for several weeks, the MagMedia Subscription has not yet been released. If you ordered MagMedia, we will be contacting you directly as soon as we are notified.

Technical Tips

Version:  AM 6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM 6.5 for LAN

Module:  SO, IC

Q: I attempted to ship serialized items that have sufficient on-hand quantity in the inventory record. When I accessed the Select Qty for Item # [XXX] window and used the Serial # lookup button, why did AccountMate not display any information in the Serial # Search window?

A: Verify that you have assigned serial numbers for your serialized inventory items. To assign serial numbers, access the Assign Serial Number function in IC Module’s Transaction menu.

Version:  AM 6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM 6.5 for LAN

Module:  AR, AP

Q: Why do I need to perform the Apply Payment to AP Invoice function even though the Apply Payment Automatically feature is designated on the pay code assigned to the vendor?

A: The Apply Payment Automatically feature in the Pay Code Maintenance function is only applicable to customer invoices created in the Accounts Receivable module. For AP invoices, enable the Apply Full Amount Automatically feature in the vendor record to configure the system to fully and automatically apply payments when you post AP invoices.

Version:  AM 6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM 6.5 for LAN

Module:  PR

Q: Why do I encounter the message “Invalid vacation hours” when I attempt to enter vacation hours for an employee when I am performing the Apply Payroll/Payment function? I verified that the employee has enough available vacation hours.

A: Be sure that the vacation hours for the pay period do not exceed the non-holiday hours specified in the Information tab of the Apply Payroll/Payment function. This applies to personal and sick hours as well.

Version:  AM6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM6.5 for LAN

Module:  AR

Q: How do I create a credit card record for a customer when I am posting an invoice?

A: Select a Credit Card Pay Code in the Pay To/Bill To/Ship To tab of the Create Invoice function; then, specify a credit card number, expiration date, and cardholder name in the designated fields. The new credit card record will be automatically assigned to the customer record upon saving the invoice transaction.

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