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NexLAN is pleased to announce a semi-regular NewsLine as a way to distribute information to you.  We will feature new AccountMate developments and updates, technical tips, information about third party options, and news from NexLAN.  The AccountMate/NexLAN NewsLine is being implemented by NexLAN’s newest team member, Julia Sullivan, who is working in AccountMate support.

New AccountMate SQL Build Has Shipped
If you are running AccountMate SQL 6.5, and you have an active SupportPlus agreement, you should be receiving (or may have already received), the latest build, MS605a.  Please contact us to coordinate the installation.

AccountMate Client Visit and Regional Round Table
NexLAN was pleased to host the President of AccountMate, David Dierke, and Chief Operations Officer, David Render, at an on-site client visit with Chiquita Fresh Cut near Chicago last week.  This was followed by a Regional Round Table with more than forty AccountMate Business Partners in attendance from as far away as Maryland, Tennessee, and Canada.  Mr. Dierke and Mr. Render are traveling on a cross-country tour to meet with end-users such as yourselves, exchange ideas with AccountMate Business Partners and announce new product versions under development.  We are honored they chose NexLAN as the host for their Midwest stop.

Technical Tips
At NexLAN, we understand that no one knows how you operate your business better than you!  With this in mind, we are providing you, our valued NexLAN clients – expert information direct form AccountMate.  Below you will find a message from Jim Yuelapwan, Director of Technical Services at AccountMate with a selection of technical tips.  Look for more information such as this in upcoming editions of our NewsLine and we hope you find them helpful!

In addition to this newsletter, I encourage you to explore the resources available on the AccountMate website at  And, as always, NexLAN is ready to answer your questions and help find the solutions that fit your needs.

Kevin E. Stroud


Browsing AccountMate tables is useful for verifying information or evaluating data to fix data corruption. The ability to export data to formats such as Excel extends the scope of AccountMate’s already powerful reporting tools. The AccountMate Table Browser & Exporter function lists all tables in the company database that is currently open and allows authorized users to browse and export information from these tables. The information in this week’s Technical Note is intended to enhance the user’s understanding of the Table Browser and Exporter function to facilitate a more efficient use of this feature.

Article 1146: Maximizing the Use of the Table Browser and Exporter

Jim Yuelapwan
Director of Technical Services

Technical Tips

Platform/Version:  AccountMate Version 6.0/6.5, VAM/SQL Version 5, and VAM/LAN Version 5
Module: PR

QI updated an employee record with the employee’s new rate. Why did the system use the old rate when I applied payroll?

A:  Check the value you entered in the Effective Date field of the employee record. Verify that the date falls on or before the beginning date of the payroll period for which you applied payroll; otherwise, the system will not use the new rate.

Platform/Version:  AccountMate Version 6.0/6.5, VAM/SQL Version 5 and VAM/LAN Version 5
Module: SM

Q:  How do I display the Calculator in AccountMate?

A:  In AM 6.5 there are two ways to display the Calculator: 1) Click the Calculator icon in the System Bar; or 2) Press the F2 key. In all versions earlier than AM6.5 the System Bar does not exist, so you should press the F2 key.

Platform/Version:  AccountMate Version 6.0/6.5, VAM/SQL Version 5 and VAM/LAN Version 5
Module:  SM

Q:   Why does the system require me to specify a destination folder though I am installing only AccountMate run-time files in a workstation?

A:  The system requires you to specify a destination folder so that shortcut information can be recorded in the specified folder.

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