Dear AccountMate Clients,

AccountMate has really been “hitting the marks” on releasing updates to the AccountMate/SQL product every nine months – and it’s been nine months since V10.1, so here’s V10.2!

The webinar  to present the new features will be Thursday, August 24, 2017 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm CDT (register here: AccountMate/SQL V10.2 New Features Webinar), but here’s a sneak peek at some of the few features:

  • Accounts Payable & Purchase Orders
    • Option to post handwritten check immediately after posting AP invoice
    • Option to post AP invoice when posting a handwritten check
    • Ability to post handwritten check for one-time vendors
    • New “Vendor Performance Analysis” report
    • Option to show posting date on “Past Due Aging Report”
  • Bank Reconciliation
    • New file formats for Positive Pay output files
    • Option to print company name and address on check and/or stub
  • General Ledger
    • New filter criteria for “amount”on GL Transfer report
    • New filter criteria for “account ID” on GL Transaction Search report
  • Inventory Control
    • Barcode support for warehouse inventory transfers and receipts
  • Payroll
    • Allow up to four decimal places for percentage deduction rates
    • Option to accumulate paid leave on used leaves and holidays
    • Option to hide unapplied earnings and deductions on the check stub
    • New state and local tax summary report
  • Purchase Orders
    • Ability to cancel backorder quantities during receipt
  • Sales Order, Accounts Receivable & RMA
    • Option to specify customer orders are for pickup
    • New customer address maintenance function
    • Ability to record bank deposits immediately after saving applied customer payment
    • Option to show backorder quantities & amounts on packing slips and customer invoices
    • Additional filters and options on commissionable sales report – including profit margin
    • Option to print shipment report for cancelled shipments
    • New “Master Pick List” report
  • System Manager
    • Enhanced <Data Manager> Lock release


Kevin E. Stroud

Payroll Tax Updates

Have you updated your payroll tax Payroll Tax Subscription lately?  Updates are released on a regular basis by AccountMate, and with most states just finishing their summer legislative sessions many have changed tax rates.

The current release is 2017.08 – and you can check your installed version by hitting <Help><About AccountMate> and then looking on the tab labelled “Payroll”.

If you’re running something earlier than that, then hit <Utilities><Check for Payroll Subscription Updates> and the system will automatically download and install the latest update.

Of course this should be done when no one is executing payroll transactions, and if there’s any problems then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Core Product Training in September

AccountMate regularly offers the Core Product Training class at their offices in Petaluma, California.  These are always HIGHLY rated by attendees, with the next one scheduled for Wednesday-Friday, September 20-22.

The three days of classroom training is applicable to both first-time and existing AccountMate users – and don’t forget that if you have an active Lifecycle Maintenance Plan, it includes one training seat per year.

Contact us for additional information and see the course description here.

Tech Note: Understanding the Drop Ship Feature

Introduced in AccountMate/SQL V9.1, the Drop Ship functionality is fantastic for clients who have product shipped or services provided directly from their vendors to their customers.  For complete details, we provide Article #1337: Understanding the Drop Ship Feature.

Tech Note: Pricing Hierarchy in Sales Orders and Accounts Receivables

AccountMate has a powerful item pricing functionality, which allows pricing to be defined by various factors.  To understand the features and order of priority used to determine item pricing, please see Article #1094: Pricing Hierarchy in Sales Orders and Accounts Receivable.

Technical Tips

Versions: AM10 for SQL and Express
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM7 for LAN

Module: IC

Q: What report can I generate to verify the inventory item total cost per bin? 

A: Generate the Inventory Transaction Log report. To do this, perform the following:

  1. Access the Inventory Transaction Log report from the IC module > Reports menu > Inventory Reports function.
  2. In the Criteria area, unmark the All checkbox for Bin; then, enter one bin in the From and To fields (e.g., From: A1, To: A1).
  3. Print or preview the report
  4. Perform Step 2 for each bin.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM10 for SQL and Express
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM7 for LAN

Module: PR

TIP: To change an employee’s base rate/salary, perform the following: 

  1. Access the Employee Maintenance function and enter the employee #. 
  2. Go to the Earning Code tab. 
  3. Change the Pay Amount of the first regular earning code. 
  4. Go to the Salary tab. 
  5. Verify that the value in the Per Pay Period After (Salaried – per Pay Period rate) or Rate/Hr After (Hourly or Time Card – per Hour rate) or Gross/Yr After (Salaried – per Year rate) field is correct. 

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM10 for SQL and Express
AM9 for SQL and Express
AM8 for SQL and Express

Modules: AR, CI, SO

Q: Why did the message, “Item # [XXX] does not exist. Is this a non-stock item?”, appear when I enter an existing item # in Create Sales Order or Create Invoice

A: The message will appear if the customer for whom you are trying to create a sales order or an invoice is set to use customer item number (i.e., the Use Customer Item # checkbox is marked in the Customer Maintenance > Settings tab) but not set to use inventory item number (i.e. the Allow Inventory Item # checkbox is unmarked).

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