Dear AccountMate Clients,Superhero in red cape says accountmate empowers!

If you’re a direct client of NexLAN and have an active Lifecycle agreement for your AccountMate/SQL product—then run out and stand by the mailbox because your V11.1 is already en route!

The New Features Webinar will be Thursday, October 10th, from noon to 1:30pm CDT—here’s the link to register—and here’s a sneak peak at some of the new features:

  • Projected Cash Flow Features: Including a Projected Cash Flow Report to show summary information regarding expected in-flows and out-flows; Projected Cash Balance Report to show details of the projected cash balance at the end of the day or for a certain period; Projected Collections Report for detailed projected receivables collections within a specified period; and Projected Payments Report for detailed projected payments within a specified period.
  • Improved Executive Summary: Now includes Sales Quotes, unreleased Blanket Sales Orders, Purchase Quotes and unreleased Blanket Purchase Orders.
  • Manufacturing Remnant & Scrap Tracking: Ability to track remnants and scrap through the manufacturing process. What’s the difference? Remnants are usable and scrap isn’t!
  • New Revenue Tracking: Previously only by Salesperson, Customer or Inventory (at warehouse). Can now do Customer PLUS Inventory (at location)—so if you want to show sales by customer (or customer group) from your multiple warehouses, this is now built-in.
  • RMA Supports Build-On-The-Fly Kits: We’re seeing an increasing number of clients use the deeper modules, such as Return Merchandise Authorization and Kitting. These are now more interoperable in features.
  • Improved Search Mechanisms: Because improvements for how to find the information you’re after is always a good thing!

As always, please contact us to discuss getting this latest update installed—likely have time to get it live before the end of the year.

Also, foreshadowing the end of the year, if you run AccountMate Payroll (and if you don’t, now’s good timing to start—see below) then we’ll be in contact very soon regarding the 2020 Payroll Tax Subscriptions and the “Early Bird Discount” available for orders paid before November 29th.


Kevin E. Stroud

October 16-17 Payroll Training Class

If you run AccountMate payroll in-house then don’t miss the upcoming special 2-day payroll-only training class at AccountMate’s headquarters in Petaluma, CA. Dates are October 16-17 and tuition is $1,500 per attendee.

If you don’t run AccountMate payroll in-house… well, why not? It’s fully functional, flexible and integrated (i.e. no more journal entries).  Plenty of time to get this set up before January 1st, then there won’t be YTD balances to port in. So this is the best date by far for spinning up in-house payroll.

Contact us to register!

Tech Note: Understanding the GL Ratio Analysis Report

I always describe AccountMate as “mid-tier,” and to place that in context it’s easily described as “above QuickBooks and below SAP.” One of the things that places us “above QuickBooks” is the powerful Ratio Analysis financial reporting available in the General Ledger module.

So this month we present Article #1126: Understanding the Ratio Analysis Report—which discusses the prerequisites for using the Ratio Analysis Report, shows the formula for calculating each ratio, and identifies which ratio is preferable—a higher or lower one. This document also explains the significance of the ratio group in the GL Account ID record and identifies which ratios aren’t applicable in a company that uses fund accounting.

Tech Note: How to Use Unit-of-Measure for Purchase, Stock and Sale of Physical Inventory

Another powerful feature is AccountMate’s built-in flexibility of inventory unit-of-measure (UOM) so that you can easily “buy it by the case, stock it by the 6-pack and sell it by the can.” But, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben always said, with great power comes great responsibility.

Thus, we publish Article #1270: How to Use Unit-of-Measure for Purchase, Stock and Sale to explain how to properly create UOMs and assign them to inventory types and items to address these scenarios.

Technical Tips

Versions: AM10 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for LAN

Module: PO

Q: I want to use the inventory item’s last received cost when creating purchase orders for an item that has an inventory vendor record. How can I set this up?

A: You can only use the inventory item’s last received cost when creating purchase orders if there is no inventory vendor record set up for the item. The inventory vendor cost takes precedence over the last received cost. See our Article 1180 (Pricing Hierarchy in the Purchase Order Module) for detailed information pertaining to cost hierarchy.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM10 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for LAN

Modules: AP, AR, PR

Q: I entered a bank # in a transaction and I got the message, “The selected bank is not available for this module.” How can I set the bank # to be available for the module?

A: You can set the bank account to be available for the module by marking the appropriate checkbox(es) in the Bank Account Maintenance ►Information tab:
  • Use in Accounts Payable
  • Use in Payroll
  • Use in Sales Order/Accounts Receivable

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM10 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN

Module: IC

Q: How can I adjust an inventory item’s average and total cost to $0.00 without adjusting the on-hand quantity?

A: Perform the following:

  1. Access the Inventory Adjustment function.
  2. Enter the Item #.
  3. Enter the Warehouse and Bin.
  4. Enter 0 in the Bin Qty ►Adjustment field.
  5. Enter 0.00 in the Unit Cost ► Adjustment field.
  6. Take note of the amount in the Total Value ► Current Value field. Enter the same amount in the Total Value ► Adjustment field but as a negative amount.
  7. Verify that the New Value column shows 0.00 for Unit Cost and Total Value.
  8. Enter a Remark.

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