Dear AccountMate Clients,

As you probably know, AccountMate has multiple product lines – and has just released a new build of the LAN platform.

Besides support for the very latest Microsoft desktop and server products, AM/LAN V8.2 includes enhancements in Sales Order shipping, Bank Reconciliation, multi-step work-orders in Manufacturing, a new Inventory Value Variance Report to facilitate reconciling differences between the subsidiary ledger and GL asset balances – plus lots more!

For a complete details of “What’s New since AM/LAN V8.1?” register for the free one-hour webinar Wednesday, August 13th at noon CDT by hitting this link.  The software is automatically provided as a benefit for all clients on the LAN platform with a current Software LifeCycle plan – and you should have already received yours in the mail from us.  Call to schedule installation at your convenience.  For end-users without a LifeCycle plan, we’re happy to chat about getting you caught up to the latest functionality.

Changing gears…

I received numerous positive responses to last month’s NewsLine (available here) regarding AccountMate add-ons which every installation needs to leverage and extend their system – but there are only one or two detailed product webinars per month and they’re not always something that applies to your installation.  So, I’d like to announce our upcoming “NexLAN Necessories Virtual Expo” – which will highlight four necessary accessories to increase the value of every AccountMate system.

A fast-paced presentation, we’ll cover the following four topics in an hour total on Wednesday, September 24th, from 9am to 10am Central Time:

1) Customer Relationship Management – because every business needs to keep track of prospects, customers, outstanding quotes, and “next actions”.  We’ll show you a fully featured CRM product which is integrated to AccountMate so quotes/orders don’t have to be re-entered and so salespersons have visibility to customer accounts without having to log into the accounting system.

2) Automated Report E-Mailing – because every business would benefit from the information in their system being automatically pushed out to who it needs to go to.  Invoices to customers, POs to vendors, inventory below re-order to the purchasing agent, open orders past their required shipping date to customer service, etc. We’ll show you the only tool available which automatically e-mails AccountMate-native reports.

3) Fixed Asset Management – because every business has fixed assets to keep track of depreciation for and the tax consequences thereof.  We’ll show you an industry leading solution that also seamlessly posts to AccountMate’s General Ledger so your financials are always up to date.

4) GL Integration to Excel – because, as great as the built-in financial reports are, every business ends up doing some analysis of their financials in Microsoft Excel.  We’ll show you a tool which pulls data in real-time from AccountMate so you don’t re-key data and it’s always up to date.

We’re going to do all that in an hour?  Yup – I talk fast to (try and) cover a southern accent, remember?  Look for more information as September 24th draws closer!


Kevin E. Stroud


Happy Birthday AccountMate!

AccountMate was founded August 28th, 1984 – so is 30 years old this month.  As for NexLAN, we’re still corporate teenagers since this is only our 17th year of business, but we appreciate that longevity in the software and technology industry is a clear indicator that a company is meeting the needs of its clients and we salute AccountMate’s accomplishment!

Technical Tips

Versions:  AM9 for SQL and Express

Module:  AR

Tip: AccountMate 9 for SQL and Express provides users the ability to collect payments from customer using the authorized ACH debits directly from the customers accounts. To do this, you must first activate the Electronic Payment feature in <Housekeeping><Accounts Receivable Module Setup> on the “General (2)” tab, then to configure for each customer:

1) In <Customer Maintenance> on the “Settings” tab, mark the Electronic Payment box

2) In the <Electronic Payment Setup> window, enter the customer bank account information for the account that will be debited

3) Execute <Transactions><Process Electronic Payment><Generate Prenotes> to create the “test file” for your bank to proof the format of.  Keep in mind that ACH is a loose-format, so please contact us for configuration suggestions if your bank notes any formatting issues.

4) Once the prenotes have been approved, execute <Transactions><Process Electronic Payment><Activate Customers for Electronic Payment>

Then, to create the ACH file which you will upload to your bank so they pull the payment from the customers account and deposit it to yours:

5) Access the <Record Bank Deposit> function then, after selecting the bank, then choose the option of “Process Direct Deposit”

6) In the resulting window, select the payments you would like to process – entering necessary bank deposit details.

Please note the directory indicated during the <Save> operation as this is where you’ll need to retrieve the ACH-formatted file from for upload to your bank to execute the transfer.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM 9 for SQL and Express
AM8 for SQL, Express and LAN
AM7 for SQL, Express and LAN

Module: Payroll

Q: I created a new earning code, but it’s not displayed when I try to assign it to a salaried employee – even when I select “All Departments” in the <Edit Earning Code Setup> window.  What did I miss?

A: Please verify the new earning code is NOT configured with a “per hour” rate, as then it cannot be used for salaried employees.

■ ■ ■

Versions:  AM9 for SQL and Express
AM8 for SQL, Express and LAN
AM7 for SQL, Express and LAN

Module:  Sales Order

Q: I need to record a Sales Order for a customer, but they’re already reached their credit limit.  I temporarily increased their credit limit, but AccountMate still displayed the message, “Order exceeds customer credit limit.”  What did I miss?

A: Be sure to consider the customer’s outstanding balance, amount of any un-invoiced shipments, and their current open order amount.  Please note the an option in <Housekeeping><Sales Order Module Setup> on the “General (2)” tab to include, or not, the amount of the un-invoiced shipments.

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