There’s a ransomware virus on the loose which targets business data files – and it’s hit four NexLAN clients in the last few weeks.

It affects files with the extensions of DBF, MDF, LDF, and BAK – which are the database file formats used by the vast majority of business applications, including AccountMate LAN and SQL – and it encrypts the files at a byte level so there’s no recovery short of restoring from backup.  Did you read that part?  It bears repeating: THERE’S NO RECOVERY SHORT OF RESTORING FROM BACKUP!!!

We don’t provide network support, so aren’t up on all the details, but one client’s IT support was able to identify that it came in as an e-mail attachment disguised as a resume that someone then opened – causing it to execute.  These kinds of attacks are extremely difficult for anti-virus programs to screen out because they’re initiated via end-user action – so, honestly, you can’t depend on that single level of defense and HAVE to be prepared for this catastrophic possibility.

All four of our recent clients had good backup systems in place and lost no more than a days work.  But I’ve seen firsthand when clients didn’t and they lost all information regarding open customer orders and invoices, open vendor invoices, payroll information for tax and W-2 reporting, inventory levels, etc.  In one instance several years ago, our initial contact with an AccountMate end-user was when their server harddrive crashed – they had no backups – and it literally was the end of the business for them.

So, PLEASE discuss (and confirm!) with your IT support that your backup system includes:

  1. Regular, automated, FULL backup – at least nightly – of both the data and front-end financial management programs – which retains several “versions” of the backup as you might not immediately recognize some problems

  2. Off-site rotation of the backup media – at least weekly – to outside the physical location of your office (think “in the event of a fire”)

  3. Occasional verification that the backup is “restorable” – at least every other month – which is a great opportunity to update your AccountMate “test company”

So please, Please, PLEASE review your backup procedures and make sure your critical information is being backup up regularly, in full, offsite, and is restorable.

I’m not kidding…


Not joking at all here…

It’s your company that depends on it…


Kevin E. Stroud


“Early Bird” 2014 Payroll Tax Subscription Promotion

Orders for AccountMate 2014 Payroll Tax Subscription are now being accepted, with the “Early Bird” 10% discount for orders paid before November 29, 2013.

Subscription options include Federal plus a single State, plus five States or with all 50 States (including PR & DC).  List pricing is shown below and remember you can take a 10% discount if ordered and paid by the end of November.

Also, note that if you’re required to submit files electronically (formerly called MagMedia), this functionality is built-in to the AccountMate/Aatrix integration and available at an additional cost during final processing of your W-2s.  Complete processing of your W-2s (including mailing of forms to employees) is cost effective even for smaller organizations and we encourage you to consider it at time of filing!

Version Supported Builds Federal +1 State Federal +5 States Additional States Fed +All States
AccountMate 9.x, 8.x, and 7.x for SQL/ Express All Releases $600 $900 $100 ea. $1900
AccountMate 8.x and 7.x for LAN All Releases $600 $900 $100 ea. $1900

Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this discount and we will be glad to get this ordered for you. You can reach us at 877.2NexLAN or by hitting reply to this email.

Technical Tips

Versions:  AM8 for SQL, Express and LAN
AM7 for SQL, Express and LAN

Module: PR

Q: I have created a new earning code with an “Others” Earning Type and “Per Year” rate. When I accessed the Additional/1099 Payment function, the new earning code was not displayed in the Earning Code Search window. What did I miss?

A:The Additional/1099 Payment function only allows earning codes that have a “Per Pay Period” rate. With this, the Earning Code Search window will display only those earning codes with “Per Pay Period” rate.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM8 for LAN

Module: AR, SO

Tip:The Customer Credit Limit and Discount Listing in AccountMate 8.1 for LAN adds a new option to include the customer credit history. Authorized users simply mark the Show Credit History checkbox in the report function.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM8 for SQL and Express
AM7 for SQL and Express

Module: AP, PO

Q: I created a new vendor record; now, every time I post an AP invoice for this vendor, I encounter the message, “This vendor is set for AP/PO Matching. The invoice amount is greater than the sum of the Matched Amt and Rev Landed Cost.” I do not want to use AP/PO Matching for this vendor. Is there a way I can get this screen to not pop up?

A: The vendor’s 1099 type must be indicated in the AP invoice text file using the 1099 type code. Verify whether you have entered the correct 1099 type code as follows:

  1. Access the Vendor Maintenance function.
  2. Enter the Vendor #.
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Unmark the AP/PO Matching checkbox.
  5. Click Update

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