Dear AccountMate Clients:

When we present AccountMate to a prospect, the major differentiator we always stress is it’s flexibility as a result of open data and available source code.  This flexibility has been a powerful catalyst for the development of hundreds of add-ons and utilities to extend the functionality of the system; which is then, in turn, fertile ground for AccountMate determining what enhancements to include in new versions and builds of the product.

Over the years, we’ve produced quite a few of these mini-products, particularly in the Payroll arena, and are pleased to see that many of them have been included in the latest versions.

So, if you’re running the latest versions of AccountMate LAN or SQL, then you’re enjoying the benefits of integrated ACH electronic payments for both Payables and Payroll, and the ability to print check MICR as part of your ongoing software assurance agreement.

But, if you haven’t yet taken the step forward to the latest version (which we’d still like to encourage you to do) then we’d like to make the upcoming holidays a little brighter by offering all NexLAN add-ons and utilities at 50% off during the month of November!  Here are our vertical solutions for AccountMate and our Necessories. Then e-mail us at for more information or to place an order.


Kevin E. Stroud

Payroll Tax Subscription Discount Period Winding Down

There’s still time to lock in the “early bird” savings for your 2008 Payroll Tax Subscription order.  If you are currently running Payroll, you should have already received a personalized e-mail detailing your anticipated order.  If we have not contacted you, please be sure to send us an e-mail at  Confirm your order by November 16th to lock in your 10% discount.

We’ll be in touch in mid/late December when the Tax Subscription is released with download instructions, or to schedule the update if you’d prefer we handle this for you.

Tech Notes

Bank Rec Report Differences between AM6.5a and AM7

Some of the major enhancements introduced in AccountMate 7 affect the Bank Reconciliation module. These enhancements were geared to help simplify the bank reconciliation process and today’s TechNote spotlights one of these changes. In particular, it discusses the differences between the AM 6.5 and AM 7 Bank Reconciliation Report. This TechNote contains a link to a downloadable PDF version of the article.

Article 1236: Bank Reconciliation Report Differences between AM6.5a and AM7

Technical Tips

Version:  AM7 for SQL and Express

Module:   PR

Q: When we calculate payroll for certain employees who are eligible for overtime, the overtime pay must be excluded from the 401K calculation. How do I accomplish this?

A: Use the following procedure to properly calculate PR to exclude 401K from the calculation:

  1. Access the Apply Payroll/Payment function and check the Input Overtime checkbox on the Apply Payment Options tab.
  2. While you are accessing the Apply Payment Options tab uncheck the Apply check boxes next to the appropriate deduction codes; in this case, you would choose the deduction code that corresponds to the 401K deduction.
  3. Continue to apply payroll for the overtime pay.

■ ■ ■

Version:  AM7 for SQL and Express
AM6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM6.5 for LAN

Module: AP

Q: I applied payments to several invoices for one of my vendors. I noticed that AccountMate printed one check for all the invoices. If I access AP Module setup then mark the Print One Check per Invoice option AccountMate still prints one check for all the invoices. How do I resolve this?

A: The vendor record for which you are printing the check is not set to Print One Check per Invoice. Verify in the Settings tab of the Vendor Maintenance that you have marked the Print One Check per Invoice checkbox. Marking this option in AP Module Setup only sets AccountMate to make this option a default when creating new vendor record(s).

Note: This option applies to computer checks only and not to handwritten checks.

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