Dear AccountMate Clients,

If you process credit card payments, even if you’re not currently integrated to AccountMate, then stop what you’re doing and read the following closely – because this is the biggest news in credit card processing in the AccountMate world EVER!

American Payment Solutions and Bailey Enterprises have enhanced the MKT Credit Card processing interface for AccountMate/SQL to offer “Level 3 Processing” functionality – which provides product level detail to the gateway and gives you a vastly reduced interchange fee – thus SIGNIFICANTLY decreasing your transactions fees.

If you’re manually processing customer credit card payments now or using another solution, then you’re not providing Level 3 detail – and you’re paying a higher transaction fee than if you were.

So, what will it cost to decrease your credit card transactions fees by one third?  Perhaps one half?  The MKT Credit Card interface is being discounted based on volume of your transactions, so contact us for a review of your current processing statement or volume of manual transactions as it could even be free!

Besides saving you money, here’s some other great reasons for implementing MKT-Credit Card with APS:

  1. Reduced effort because it’s integrated to your AccountMate/SQL – so no entry of customer information, or amount owed, etc.
  2. While MKT-Credit Card is already PCI Compliant, when implemented with APS as the payment gateway all credit card information is securely stored within their secure online APSPAYS Vault and only “tokens” are stored in your local AccountMate installation.
  3. The volume of payments required to process AmEx payments is large enough that many small business are precluded  from offering this as an option.  The APS/MKT interface includes OptBlue – which let’s you bundle AmEx into your regular processing.
  4. APS/MKT offers 12 hour funding, the fastest in the industry – so you get the funds deposited to your bank account faster.

Check out the recorded webinar here, then contact us for a free audit of your credit card processing statement.

If I can’t save you money on your credit card transaction fees, while providing all the other four benefits listed above, then I’ll buy you a lobster dinner.  Live overnighted lobsters.  Try me! <grin>


Kevin E. Stroud

Core Product Training in June

AccountMate regularly offers the Core Product Training class at their offices in Petaluma, California.  These are always HIGHLY rated by attendees, with the next one scheduled for Wednesday-Friday, June 7-9.

The three days of classroom training is applicable to both first-time and existing AccountMate users – and don’t forget that if you have an active Lifecycle Maintenance Plan, it includes one training seat per year.

Contact us for additional information and see the course description here.

AccountMate/LAN V9.2 New Features Webinar

Last month we announced the release of AccountMate/LAN V9.2 with dozens of new features, including the ones listed below.  There will be an end-user webinar presented by AccountMate to go over these and more on Thursday, May 4, at noon CDT.  To register for the webinar, hit this link: AccountMate 9.2 LAN New Features Webinar.

Some of the enhancements provided in AccountMate 9.2 for LAN include:

  • Ability to Void AP Checks by Batch
  • Include Only the Unpaid Invoices when Printing AR Invoice
  • Broader Implementation of the Attachment Feature
  • Option to Display NotePad Entries when Recording Vendor Transactions
  • Warn the User when Duplicate Customer PO Number is Provided
  • Option to turn off validation of Customer PO Number when recording customer transactions
  • Allow user to enter Customer PO Number during Sales Quote Approval
  • Ability to View Customer PO Number Information in Customer-Related Detail Analysis
  • Refine the Methods for Sorting Receipts in the Record Bank Deposit

AccountMate SQL/Express V10.1 Service Pack 1 Released

The latest product offering for SQL/Express has been remarkably stable and we have numerous live installations of it.

Am happy to announce the first Service Pack release addressing a handful of esoteric issues.

Please contact us for complete information – and what are you waiting for to get your installation up to V10.1 for?

Technical Tips

Version: AM10 for SQL and Express 

Modules: AR, SO, RA

TIP: AccountMate 10.1 for SQL/Express now has a more powerful search mechanism for special inventory items (e.g., kit item, serialized item, etc.) to be shipped or invoiced. When recording shipments or creating invoices, you can specify a starting serial, lot, or kit number and a selection quantity; then, AccountMate automatically displays a range of serial, lot, or kit numbers for selection. 

■ ■ ■

Version: AM10 for SQL and Express 

Modules: AR, SO, IC, PC 

TIP: In AccountMate 10.1 for SQL/Express you can now configure AccountMate to use multi-level pricing based on both price codes and order quantity breaks. With this new multi-level pricing combination, you can configure multiple quantity levels for the same price code in the Inventory Multi-Level Price Maintenance window. In previous AccountMate versions you can only configure multi-level pricing either by price codes or by order quantity breaks.

Note: The new multi-level pricing combination is available if the Price Control module is activated. 

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM10 for SQL and Express
                AM9 for SQL and Express
                AM8 for SQL and Express

Module: SM

Q: When I access a certain company, I get a message that the company has been locked by a certain user. How do I unlock the company? 

A: You can unlock the company by performing the following:

  1. Log in to AccountMate as either the user who locked the company or as Supervisor.
  2. Select the locked company; then, access Utilities Company Access Lock function.
  3. Enter the Supervisor password.
  4. Click Unlock.
■ ■ ■

Versions: AM10 for SQL and Express
                AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
                AM8.3 for SQL, Express, and LAN

Module: SO

TIP: If you have activated the Inventory Acceptance feature but most of your sales order transactions do not need confirmation, then be sure to mark the Auto-accept checkbox in the SO Module Setup>Sales Order Transaction area. This setting will mark by default the Auto-accept checkbox for each inventory line item in the sales order. When this checkbox is marked, the inventory acceptance confirmation is no longer required.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM10 for SQL and Express
                AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
                AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
                AM7 for LAN

Module: PR 

Q: How can I withhold a school district tax from employees?     

A: You must set up a local tax code for the school district tax; then, assign the local tax code to applicable employees. To do this, perform the following: 

  1. Access Maintenance>Tax Tables>Local Tax Tables to display the Local Tax Code Maintenance function. 
  2. Select the applicable state in the Tax State field. 
  3. Enter a code that represents the school district tax in the Local Code field. 
  4. Select the tax type (i.e. Basic, Semi-Complex, or Complex); then, enter other tax information, as necessary. 
  5. Click Update to save the local tax code record. 
  6. Access Employee Maintenance and select the applicable employee record. 
  7. Click the W-4 Info tab.
  8. In the Local area, select the applicable state in the Tax State field. 
  9. Enter the code for the school district tax in the Local Code field. 
  10. Enter other information as necessary (e.g., allowances, additional withholding).
  11. Be sure to mark the Apply Local Tax checkbox. 
  12. Click Update to save your changes.  

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