Dear AccountMate Clients,

It’s not just the Fortune 100 these days that have operations in other countries or employees whose native language isn’t English – it’s the majority of mid-tier businesses.

The mid-tier is usually classified as businesses with annual revenue between $5M and $500M, which is exactly what we service – so of course AccountMate has multi-lingual functionality covered with an architecture that supports “language packs“.

For both the LAN and SQL platforms, all menus and screen labels may be presented in alternate languages – on a per user basis.  For the SQL platform, even the report headers are translated.

Again, this is on a per-user basis – so Joe’s AccountMate session can be in English, while Jose’s is in Spanish, Josef’s is in German and Guiseppe’s is in Italian. Yes, all in the same exact AccountMate company at the same time, yet seeing the menus and screens (plus reports, in SQL) in their native language!

The best part of all – this is FREE functionality already included in your system!

We have the Spanish language pack available, and are happy to discuss creating language packs for additional languages – which is as simple as populating a spreadsheet with the translation that we would then import to the proper table.

So, if you have operations outside the US – or employees who would be more productive in their native language in AccountMate – then please give us a call and we’re happy to coordinate installing the Spanish language pack or developing another language pack so you can exercise the full functionality of your system and improve your business operation!


Kevin E. Stroud



Two Things to do RIGHT NOW!!!

Lock your January 2012 fiscal period

Every year we have a handful of clients who call because someone has typo-ed the year in a transaction and it has posted 12 months back. The simple way to prevent this is to lock January 2012.

In General Ledger, head to <Housekeeping><Posting Period Restrictions> and check the boxes for each module to restrict posting in that period. You can also use this during the year to keep transactions from hitting periods that have already been audited and approved – and you can always unlock the period if you really have to post back.

Photocopy your wallet

While somewhat of a running joke to be included here with AccountMate-specific information, I always list this as we have new clients on distribution for our NewsLine – and because I believe it’s important!

We all know that having a regular backup of important information is important. So, every January I take all of the cards out of my wallet, line them up facedown on a photocopier and hit the button. Everything is flipped over, a copy is made of the backs, and the pages are filed until next year.

Though the process takes only a few minutes, it will save countless hours of time if my wallet is lost or stolen. Instead of having to hunt for credit card numbers, health insurance contact information, and proof of identity, all of my data is in two places: my wallet and my files.


Alere Manufacturing System Webinar

Companies that are order driven and make-to-stock manufacturers benefit from the modules offered in the Alere Manufacturing software solution. In these webinars there is valuable information on how mass transaction handling within Alere Manufacturing streamlines many functions. This webinar will be held on Thursday, January 24, 2013 from 12:00 to 1:00pm CST.

If you are interested in attending any of these webinars, please hit reply to this e-mail or call us at 877.2NEXLAN and we will be glad to register you! 2012 Tax Forms

We encourage our clients to order their check stock and tax forms from; and to help you get ready for the 2012 Tax Season, your tax forms are now available at

The 2013 Payroll Tax Subscription program supports the printing of the following tax forms:

Payroll Tax Forms

  • W-2
    • 2 up on plain paper only for federal filing – Item #5207, 5222
    • 4 up perforated blank paper for the Employer, Employee and State copies (Note: The Employee copy can have the instructions printed at the back, but it is not required.) – Item# 5209, 5221
  • W-3(on plain paper only) for federal filing
  • 1099-MISC
    • 2 up on RED pre-printed form for federal filing – Item #5110
    • 4 up perforated blank paper for the Payer, Recipient, and State copies (Note: The Recipient copy can have the instructions printed at the back, but it is not required.) – Item # 5221
  • 1096 (on RED pre-printed form for federal filing – Item # 5110

AP 1099 Forms

  • 1099-MISC
    • 2 up on RED pre-printed form for federal filing – Item# 5110
    • 2 up on BLACK pre-printed form for Recipient, Payer, State, or Copy 2 – Item # 5111, 5112

To order either call 800-499-2022, fax order to 800-261-1499 or go to the website at


Re-Cap of 2012 Year-End Closing Info

If you happened to miss the information-packed Year-End Closing webinars that were held, the recorded webinars can be viewed 24/7. Click here to access the “Webcast On-Demand” section of AccountMate’s website.

You may also find the following Tech Notes on payroll, period and year end closing helpful:

Technical Tips

Versions: AM8 for SQL and Express
AM7 for SQL, Express and LAN
AM6.5 or LAN using Upgraded Payroll

Module: PR

Tip: When the Payroll Tax Subscription Key Tax Year matches the current tax year, AccountMate provides the capability to manually update the current tax year values in the Federal Tax Tables Maintenance and State Tax Tables Maintenance functions. When this condition is not met, the Save button is disabled in these functions.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM8 for SQL and Express (AM8.3 or higher)

Module: GL

Tip: Starting in AccountMate 8.3 for SQL/Express, the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows will include the term “Consolidated” in the report title if the company is set up as a parent company.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM8 for SQL and Express (AM8.3 or higher)

Module: SO

Tip: If the Inventory Acceptance feature is activated in the SO Module Setup function, the following conditions must exist in order for users to create advanced billings for sales orders:

  • There should be at least one unshipped quantity in the sales order. Note that you can create advanced billings only for the unshipped units of the line items.
  • The line item with unshipped quantity must be set to auto-acceptance. To do this, mark the Auto-Accept checkbox in the Create Sales Order ► Line Item Details tab.

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