Dear AccountMate Clients;

We have seen a great response to AccountMate’s release of LAN 6.5.  Touting many highly requested features, including additional available modules (Kitting and Lot Control), enhanced, customizable lookup functionality, and the clean, easy-to-navigate user interface already unveiled in SQL 6.5, the new version of LAN is in high demand.

In accordance with AccountMate’s policies, manufacturer support for the previous version, LAN 5, will end in 12 months.

In response, many LAN 5 users are planning their move to the new version.  Users with a current LifeCycle Maintenance Plan should have already received a copy of LAN 6.5 directly from AccountMate.  Users with a current Support Plus Agreement are able to purchase the new version for only 35% of the retail price.  In addition, AccountMate is offering several promotions for clients who are upgrading to LAN 6.5.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options, please call or email us.  We are happy to spend a free fifteen-minute conversation with you to determine the best plan for your business.


Kevin E. Stroud

Holiday Closing

In honor of Independence Day, NexLAN will be closed on Monday, July 4, 2005.  We will reopen at 8:00am on Tuesday, July 5. Please email us if you need an updated emergency contact list.


AccountMate offers a variety of pricing features that affect the unit price that the system assigns by default during creation of purchase orders and quotes. This week’s TechNote discusses the relative order in which these pricing features are used and the setup requirements for each pricing feature.

Article 1180: Pricing Hierarchy in the Purchase Order Module

Jim Yuelapwan
Director of Technical Services
AccountMate Software Corporation

Technical Tips

Platform/Version: AccountMate Version 6.5 for SQL, MSDE or LAN; and VAM/LAN Version 5

Module: SO

Q: I accessed the Create Sales Quote function to amend a sales quote; however, the Amend Sales Quote option of this function was not available. What did I miss?

A: Verify that you have been granted the access right to amend a sales quote in the company you were accessing. You may contact your AccountMate administrator for assistance.

Platform/Version: AccountMate Version 6.5 for SQL, MSDE or LAN; and VAM/LAN Version 5

Module: IC, AR, SO

Q: We are using barcode IDs to identify inventory items. If a barcode scanner is unavailable, is there a way to enter line items for sales order and invoice entry without the aid of this tool? 

A: Be sure to mark the Use Barcode Scanner checkbox in IC Module Setup. In the Barcode field of the sales order or AR invoice transaction screen, enter the barcode ID of the inventory item. The system will automatically enter an item number, a default transaction quantity of one (1) and other pertinent information each time a barcode ID is entered.

Platform/Version: AccountMate Version 6.5 for SQL, MSDE or LAN; and VAM/LAN Version 5

Module:  PO

Q: When I entered a line item in the Create Purchase Order by Item function the system displayed the message “Item # [xxx] is not for purchase.” I verified that inventory vendor records are set up for the item. What did I miss?

A: Verify the status of the Used In Purchase Order checkbox in the inventory record. You cannot create a purchase order/quote for the item if the feature is not activated. To use the item for Purchase Order transactions, mark the checkbox.

Platform/Version: AccountMate Version 6.5 for SQL, MSDE or LAN; and VAM/LAN Version 5

Module: IC

QI set the system to use standard cost for inventory transfers. Why don’t I see an inventory transfer variance account when I generate a GL Transfer Report for a particular inventory transfer transaction?

A: The system uses the Inventory Transfer Variance account when there is a difference between the standard cost and actual cost of the inventory item being transferred. You can verify the standard and actual costs of the item in the Inventory Item record.

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