Dear AccountMate Clients;

Last week, NexLAN attended one of three Regional Roundtable gatherings hosted by AccountMate.  We gathered with dozens of Business Partners from as far south as Texas and as far north as Canada to exchange ideas with the top executives of AccountMate, including David Dierke, President, David Render, Chief Operations Officer, and Tommy Tan, Chief Technology Officer.

After the success of last year’s regional gatherings, the trio set out on another cross-country tour to exchange ideas with Business Partners, gather feedback, and announce some major product developments.


AccountMate 7.0 for SQL and the New Payroll Module

We have been anticipating the release of this new version (expected in 2006) and were thrilled to see a sneak-preview including many of the new features.

In addition to the system-wide improvement, Payroll is specifically taking a huge step forward for both LAN and SQL products.  With the most extensive rewrite in recent history, it includes oodles of new functionality.

The preview of the new Payroll module integrates the functionality of several third-party add-ons and many commonly requested modifications are included out of the box!

We can’t say much more now, but we are very excited with the direction that AccountMate is headed, appreciative of their willingness to hear and incorporate feedback from end-users and Business Partners, and eagerly anticipating the new products.


Kevin E. Stroud

2006 Payroll Tax Subscription

If you are running Payroll, you should have received an email earlier this week announcing the availability of AccountMate’s 2006 Payroll Tax Subscription.

Due to the excellent response in the past two years, AccountMate is once again offering an “Early Bird Discount” for the 2006 Payroll Subscription. Orders placed on or before November 18th will receive a promotional discount of 10%. (MagMedia is not eligible to receive the discount.)

In addition, this year AccountMate is offering a one state subscription – up to a 37% price decrease for customers who only needed tax information for one state but who previously had to purchase the five state minimum subscription.

Many of our clients have already locked in their savings.  If you haven’t, please email with your order.  If you missed the email, let us know.

TechNote – GL Listing Report

The GL Listing report is one of the most useful tools to verify the accuracy of your GL Account balances. This report shows posted journal entries from GL and the subsidiary modules. Transaction Type codes are used to identify the nature of the transaction that gave rise to the journal entry. This week’s Technical Note lists the different Transaction Type codes used in this report and the transactions with which these codes are associated.

Article 1192: Understanding the Transaction Type Codes in General Ledger Listing

Jim Yuelapwan
Director of Technical Services
AccountMate Software Corporation

Technical Tips

Version:  AM6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM6.5 for LAN
VAM/LAN Version 5

Module:  PO, AP, RV (The RV module is available only in AM6.5 for SQL & MSDE)

Q:  How can I retrieve an archived vendor record?

A:  To un-archive a vendor, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Vendor Maintenance function.
  2. Click the Archived Vendors Lookup button located near the Vendor # field to display the Archived Vendor # Leading Search window. In the AM6.5 for LAN and VAM/LAN 5 versions, the displayed window is entitled Archived Vendor Records.
  3. In the window, select the vendor number that you want to un-archive; then, click the OK button. For the AM6.5 for LAN and VAM/LAN 5 versions, click the Unarchive button.
  4. In the dialog box, click Yes to confirm the un-archiving of the selected vendor.

Version:  AM6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM6.5 for LAN
VAM/LAN Version 5

Module:  AR

Q:  AccountMate does not print statements for some customers included in the criteria even if they have outstanding invoices or transactions. How do I resolve this?

A:  Access the Settings tab of the Customer Maintenance function and be sure that you have marked the Print Statement checkbox for those customers for whom you want to print statements.

Version:  AM6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM6.5 for LAN
VAM/LAN Version 5

Module:  IC

Q:  When an inventory item is in-transit, which warehouse reflects the in-transit quantity?

A: The in-transit quantity is reflected in the receiving warehouse. The system automatically deducts the transferred quantity from the source warehouse during the transfer.

Version:  AM6.5 for SQL and MSDE
AM6.5 for LAN
VAM/LAN Version 5

Module:  BR, PR, AP

Q: How do I configure AccountMate to use different starting check numbers on a bank record’s computer generated and handwritten checks?

A: Access Bank Account Maintenance and unmark the bank record’s “All checks use same starting check #” checkbox.

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