Dear AccountMate Clients;

A shipping solution that is fully integrated with your accounting system can be an indispensable tool. While there are many options available, when connecting to AccountMate, one of our “favorites” is StarShip.

StarShip is a complete shipping solution which:

  • Supports multiple carriers in one user interface while keeping a central location for shipment history
  • Calculates freight charges through the use of an optional integrated scale
  • Rate-shops between the available carriers to find the most economical way to ship your packages
  • Supports 3rd Party Parcel Insurance to cut insurance costs by up to 65%
  • Prints carrier-approved bar coded shipping labels and COD tags

Best of all, StarShip links seamlessly to AccountMate so shipping is fast and accurate. StarShip can add freight charges and tracking information to your orders so they’re ready to invoice as you ship.

Shipping Has Never Been Easier Customizable Interface
• Links directly to AccountMate Order, Invoice, Customer, and Customer Ship-To files.• Browse window lets you easily select the AccountMate record to ship against. Has multiple search fields and moves to the nearest match as you type.• Gets all shipping information from AccountMate including ship-to address, ship via, customer PO, and COD amount.• Writes shipment details for each package to the “Remarks” field of the Order or Invoice. • You can customize the mapping between AccountMate fields and the StarShip shipping screen. Link to any field in any AccountMate table!• Freight charges written to the order can include a customizable handling fee.• Select which shipment details to write back to the Order/Invoice Remarks field.• Select the carrier/service/freight billing that corresponds to each AccountMate Ship Via code.

StarShip recently announced the release of a new version (9.1), which now includes supporting USPS flat rate boxes, an updated rate utility, and many other enhancements.

Learn more about StarShip’s Functionality; give us a call.  We’ll help you decide if it’s the best solution for you.


Kevin E. Stroud

Is CRM Right For You?

Last month, AccountMate hosted a series of webinars demonstrating the power of a CRM solution – particularly one that is tightly integrated with your existing accounting system.

If you weren’t able to attend a session, we’re happy to walk you through INFOtrac for AccountMate or send you a demo to explore in the comfort of  your own desk.

Not sure if you really need a CRM solution?  Check out these articles and call us to talk about your unique business needs.

TechNotes – AR Aging / Inactive and Temporary Status

Companies with high trade receivable levels or who have long receivable collection cycles understand the importance of verifying that their Accounts Receivable balances are accurate. In AccountMate, the AR Aging Report and General Ledger Listing can be used to determine the completeness and accuracy of the recorded trade receivable transactions. This week’s Technical Note discusses the factors that must be considered when using these two reports to ascertain the accuracy of your Accounts Receivable balance.

Article 1187: Reconciling AR Aging Report with the Accounts Receivable GL Account Balance 

Market factors could cause your relationships with customers and vendors to change. A major vendor may discontinue a product line, forcing you to find other product sources. A customer may suffer financial downturn and be unable to pay outstanding invoices, prompting you to freeze the account until the customer recovers. AccountMate provides the ability to assign different customer and vendor status to represent the changing dynamics of your relationships with these parties. A customer or vendor’s status affects the transactions that you can perform in AccountMate. This week’s Technical Note identifies the transactions that are not available to inactive customers in the Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules; and the transactions not available to inactive and temporary vendors in the Purchase Order and Accounts Payable modules.

Article 1188: Understanding the Inactive and Temporary Customer and Vendor Status 

Jim Yuelapwan
Director of Technical Services
AccountMate Software Corporation

Technical Tips

Module:  IC

Q: The Assign Serial Number to Built Kit Items checkbox is disabled when I build kit items. How do I enable the checkbox so I can change it?

A: Select the Prompt for Assignment option in the Assign Serial # When Building Kit Items area in the General tab of the IC Module Setup function. The option is only available for kit items with a Specific ID cost type.

Module:  IC

Q: Which report can I use to verify the items that are in-transit between warehouses?

A: Use the Inventory Transfer In-Transit Report in the IC Module. You can find this report under Inventory Transfer Reports in the Reports menu.

Module:  AR

Q: Can I generate in AccountMate a prepaid balance statement for my customers?

A: You can use the Print Prepaid Memo function under the Receivable Reports menu to send a prepaid balance statement to your customers.

Module: SO

Q: When I generated a recurring sales order, the unit price of the line item was different from the unit price I entered when I set up the recurring sales order. How do I resolve this?

A: Mark the Fixed Price checkbox in the Information tab of the Recurring Sales Order Setup function when you set up the recurring sales order.

Module:  AR, SO

Q: When I create a sales order or sales invoice I encounter the message “Salesperson # [xxx] has no revenue code”. What does this mean?

A: If your company is set up to track revenue by salesperson, AccountMate uses the revenue code assigned to each salesperson record. This message is displayed when the revenue code is missing from the salesperson record assigned to the customer for whom you are creating the sales order or sales invoice.

Module:  MI

Q: When I post a finished job, the Overhead Cost field is disabled. How can I enable the field so that I can post overhead cost for the finished job?

A: You must select either the By Flat Amount or the By Percentage Rate option in the Finished Overhead Cost Calculation area in the MI Module Setup General (1) tab.

Module:  AR, RA

Q: What report provides the General Ledger entry information for credit invoices created in the Return Authorization module?

A: You can view the credit invoices’ GL entries in the AR Transfer to GL Report of the Accounts Receivable module.

Module: AR, IC, SO, PO

Q: How do I assign a default warehouse bin to an inventory item?

A: To perform this operation, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Inventory Maintenance function.
  2. Click the Warehouse detail button to open the “Warehouses for Item # [xxx]” window.
  3. Click the Set Bins button to open the “Bin Setup for Item # [xxx] in Warehouse [xxx]” window.
  4. Change the sequence number of the desired bin to one (1).
  5. Change the sequence number of the bin that previously has the sequence number of one (1).
  6. Close the window and save the settings.

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