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Dear AccountMate Clients,

I often cite training as the best investment a company can make – because we see firsthand the issues that arise when clients aren’t familiar with system processes and how that directly effects the bottom line, or even knowing what the bottom line is.

The root cause of that is reflected in a study I read recently stating that within three years, typically each company loses 41 percent of its staff – and by year six, only 24 percent remain.  Talk about a brain drain!  And this is accelerating in financial management positions as the baby boomer generation is moving into retirement

Sure you can document procedures, which at best are complete enough for the follow-on staff to robotically repeat, but passing along the real reason “why” is tougher – and being aware of how to improve processes requires REAL understanding not only of what “was” and what “is”, but what is now possible.  Fortunately, the tools to accomplish this for your AccountMate system are numerous and at your fingertips.

  1. When you’re in AccountMate, hit the standard Windows “Help” key (which is <F1>) and note that it’s context sensitive.  So if you’re on, say, the Bank Reconciliation screen, then hitting <F1> will take you to help specifically about that screen and you don’t have to go looking for it.
  2. If you have an active AccountMate software maintenance plan, then don’t forget that includes phone and e-mail support from AccountMate in Petaluma.  Since direct clients of NexLAN also enjoy free phone and e-mail support from us, who are more familiar with your business processes and any modifications that may have been done, most of our clients just contact us – and are welcome to do so toll-free via 877-2NEXLAN or  Seriously, have a question?  Let us know and we’ll be right back to you with the answer!  An event does become billable if we have to connect remotely though.
  3. Another benefit to the active software maintenance plan is access to the online training videos under <Help><eLearning> in the system.  That takes you to a webpage where the modules are listed, then you drill down on each of them for a series of bite-size videos regarding processes for that module.
  4. We provide remote training, where we connect to your desktop and train in a copy of your live system so you’re seeing your vendors, GL accounts, etc. and go through functionality of the modules specific to your business processes.  We can break this up into one hour or two sessions – and pencil in “two hours per module” for us to get into each module deeply.
  5. We’re also available for onsite training, which works well for large groups.  I’m the one who goes onsite and I’ve been told I make accounting software more entertaining than most people thought possible! <grin>
  6. Finally, there’s formal classroom training classes held at AccountMate corporate headquarters in Petaluma, California several times per year.  These cover all the core financial modules in a focused environment where you don’t suffer as many interruptions as being in your own offices – plus it’s never a bad time to enjoy wine country in northern California.  While these classes are normally $2,000 per attendee, a newly announced benefit of the Lifecycle software maintenance plan is that it now includes one free attendee per year.  More details here:

Investing in your business can mean many different things – from capital equipment, technology or personnel to just flat devoting more of your time and energy to the job.  But the biggest payoff we see is when businesses invest in the training of their employees – increasing both productivity and accuracy of the information you manage your business with.

We encourage you to take advantage of the options above, many of which are completely free.


Kevin E. Stroud

Webinar: AccountMate/LAN V9.1

While we don’t have an official release date or list of features, the latest version of the AccountMate/LAN product line can’t be far off as the end-user webinar presenting the new features and enhancements has been scheduled for noon to 1:30 CDT on Tuesday, June 7.

To register for the presentation, hit this link: AccountMate 9.1 LAN New Features Webinar.

Webinar: TimeClock Plus

Have you considered integrating your employee time clock system to your AccountMate Payroll module?  Maybe you don’t even have time clocks or AccountMate payroll, but have been considering them?  TimeClock Plus is the solution, with seamless integration to pull hours in and process them without retyping tedious entries between systems – simple file export and import with no data manipulation.  More info on TimeClock Plus here and to register for the presentation on Wednesday, May 18th from, noon to 1pm CDT hit this link: TimeClock Plus Webinar.

TechNote: Understanding Manufacturing Overhead Costs

It is vital for manufacturing companies to properly account for and control production costs especially overhead costs.  There are two primary methods to apportion overhead costs to products, either “fixed amount” or “percentage of the direct manufacturing cost”, both of which AccountMate supports.

Following is an article that discussed the two methods to apportion overhead costs to manufactured products and how to configure them.  It also details the relevant accounting entries generated in AccountMate and provides some tips on resolving issues that users may encounter when recording overhead costs.

Technical Tips

Versions: AM9 for SQL and Express
AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM7 for LAN

Module: PR

Q: In the Apply Payroll/Payment function I attempted to add an overtime earning code for a particular employee; however, the overtime earning code was not displayed in the Earning Code Full/Leading Search window. What did I miss?

A: An overtime earning code is displayed in the Earning Code Full/Leading Search window only when the employee is eligible for overtime pay. Prior to applying payroll/payment to the employee, verify that the Pay Overtime checkbox is marked in the Employee MaintenanceSalary tab.

■ ■ ■

Version: AM9 for SQL and Express (AM9.4 and higher)

Modules: AR, SO

TIP: Starting in AccountMate 9.4 for SQL and Express, AccountMate has the flexibility to require a Customer PO # for each customer record when using some of the Sales Order and Accounts Receivable functions. To configure this, mark the Require Customer PO # checkbox in the Customer Maintenance ► Settings tab. Listed below are the functions to which this validation will apply.

Sales Order:

   Create Sales Order
   Create Sales Quote
   Approve Sales Quote
   Import Sales Order
   Recurring Sales Order Setup
   Create Blanket SO

Accounts Receivable:

   Create Invoice
   Import Invoice
   Recurring Invoice Setup

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM9 for SQL and Express
AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM7 for LAN

Module: AR

TIP: You can use the Void Applied Adjustment function to void the discount, adjustment or write-off amount that is applied to the invoice in the Apply Payment function. To void the paid amount you must use the Void Payment function. Note that voiding a payment includes voiding the discount.

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