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I’ll be brief in my intro this month as 2016 is definitely “in like a lion” here at NexLAN with system upgrades and new installs going live, payroll updates, and the usual rush of year-end closing questions.

Check out below for information regarding payroll report printing and e-filing, Affordable Care Act reporting, and general year-end closing procedures and videos all summarized in one handy location.

Plus, as always, keep us on speed-dial – tollfree 877-2NEXLAN – for our industry leading “free 15 minute phone and e-mail support”.


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2016 Supported Tax Forms for Payroll Tax Subscription

The 2016 Payroll Tax Subscription program supports the printing of the following tax forms, which are the same as the previous year:

Payroll Tax Forms


  • 2-up on plain paper only for federal filing – Items # 5207, 5222
  • 4-up perforated blank paper for the Employer, Employee, and State copies (Note: The Employee copy can have the instructions printed at the back, but it is not required.) – Items # 5209, 5221


  • On plain paper only for federal filing


  • 2-up on RED pre-printed form for federal filing – Item # 5110
  • 4-up perforated blank paper for the Payer, Recipient, and State copies (Note: The Recipient copy can have the instructions printed at the back, but it is not required.) – Item # 5221
  • 1096 (on RED pre-printed form) for federal filing – Item # 5110

AP 1099 Forms


  • 2-up on RED pre-printed form for federal filing – Item # 5110
  • 2-up on BLACK pre-printed form for Recipient, Payer, State, or Copy 2 – Items # 5111, 5112

ACA Forms

Federal 1095 and 1094

  • Plain paper for federal filing
  • Portrait paper for the Employee copy (Note: For the Employee copy you can either buy a perforated paper with pre-printed instructions at the back or use a plain paper and print the instructions on another sheet of paper)
  • Plain paper for the Employer copy

If your company is interested in generating these forms from your AccountMate system, see the Payroll Tax Subscription price chart here from one of our recent NewsLines, and call us at 877.2NexLAN or email us for an easy install. This add-on subscription from Aatrix is quite economical for the time and effort it saves, and the per-employee cost for forms is also economical – a couple of bucks, plus or minus, per employee depending on which forms you need. We recommend that all our clients take a look at using Payroll Tax Subscription. Get in touch with us at least a few days before your W-2s are due, to allow time for Aatrix’s initial setup.

Government Approved Tax Forms for Do-It-Yourself Filers

Once again this year, government approved tax forms are available from AccountMateForms. 100% complaint with 2015 IRS and SSA requirements, these tax forms are compatible with your installed year-end update. All forms are printed on recycled 30% post-consumer-waste laser compatible paper using heat and pressure sensitive ink. Remember to order by the number of employees or recipients. Free test samples are available upon request and the exact item number of the form needed is listed in the section above. Note: If you’re using the Aatrix Payroll Tax Subscription mentioned in a few other articles here, you don’t need tax forms from AccountMateForms.

To order, call 800-499-2022, fax order to 800-261-1499, or visit the AccountMateForms website.

AccountMateForms also offers HR forms and labor law posters to help keep your business in full compliance and avoid government fines.

Aatrix: eFiling and Electronic Payroll Reporting Service and Promotion

Integrated with the AccountMate software system, Aatrix software produces electronic filing (eFiling) and electronic payroll reporting service for employee Federal and State W-2s and 1099s.

Aatrix offers AccountMate Payroll clients Federal and State payroll forms, more services and options for payroll reports, and a print and mailing service for employees’ W-2s directly or online. Other options include quarterly/annual new hire reports and the payment of employee eFiling requirements (940, 941, Wage Withholding, State & Federal Payments) as well as an unlimited filing selection.

Contact NexLAN for details and to discuss options at least a few days before your W-2s are due, to allow time for Aatrix’s initial setup. Reach us at 877.2NexLAN or email us.

Special Offer:

If you use Aatrix for your W-2 printing/filing services, you can get 50% off of their new Affordable Care Act (ACA) filing portions.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Program Enhancement Update

The new ACA Reporting Program Enhancement is available. If you’re subscribed to Software Maintenance, the Payroll Module update is an included enhancement; if you’re not subscribed it’s available for purchase. Either way, contact us for an easy install. Call 877.2NexLAN or email us.

The AccountMate website has a good FAQ page for the ACA Reporting Program Enhancement, also covering an overview of the IRS rules.

To learn more about the ACA reporting requirements, deadlines, and eFiling rules, go to Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions for Employers on the website.

Once installed, be sure to read the ACA Reporting Enhancement User Guide, which is found in the ACA Reporting Program Enhancement Installation > Documentation folder.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and W-2 Training Videos

To help you understand the ACA data entry process and learn how to provide and generate information to comply with IRS requirements, AccountMate and Aatrix provide the following training videos:

  • Affordable Care Act Feature Preview Webinar -This one-hour webinar recording from AccountMate explains the data entry and report generation processes using AccountMate Payroll to facilitate ACA reporting and filing requirements.
  • 2015 Aatrix ACA Preparer eFiling Demo – This six-minute video from Aatrix is a tutorial that walks you though eFiling 1095/1094-B and C’s using the Aatrix ACA Preparer.
  • Aatrix W-2 Demo – This eleven-minute video from Aatrix demonstrates how to eFile W-2s using the Aatrix E-File Solution.

Year-End Closing Webinars and Documents

As a reminder, to help ensure a smooth year-end closing, here are links to AccountMate’s Year-End Closing recorded webinars, which apply to both AccountMate 9 and 8 for SQL and Express:

Additional year-end closing documents for both AccountMate 9 and 8 for SQL and Express are also available. After you log in as a registered user on AccountMate’s site here, go to Support > Documentation > Year-end Closing Procedures.

AccountMate V7 for SQL and Express: Payroll Tax Subscription Has Ended

If you have AccountMate 7 for SQL or Express running the Payroll module, please be reminded that the Payroll Tax Subscription updates end this year on December 31, 2015. You will not be able to order the Payroll Tax Subscriptions for 2016 and onwards. Give us a holler to discuss an upgrade to Version 9 of AccountMate for SQL, Express or LAN. Call us at 877.2NexLAN or email us.

Technical Tips

Versions: AM9.3 for SQL and Express (Service Pack 1)

Module: PR

TIP: Starting in AccountMate 9.3 for SQL and Express (Service Pack 1), you can now include the deduction’s employer matching/contribution amount in your SUTA gross and SUTA contribution if a state requires such to be included.

To set the deduction to do this, perform the following:
1. Access the Deduction Maintenance function; then, enter the deduction code for which you want to include the employer matching/contribution amount in the calculation of the SUTA gross and SUTA contribution amounts.
2. Go to the Employer Matching/Contribution (M/C) tab; then, select the applicable state in the State Code drop down list.
3. Mark the Add to SUTA checkbox; then, save your changes.

After the setup is complete, the employer matching/contribution amount will be included in the SUTA gross and SUTA contribution calculation the next time you process employee payroll (e.g., apply payroll; then, print check). The setup will not apply to prior payroll transactions.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM9 for SQL and Express
AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM7 for LAN

Modules: SO, AR

Q: How can I bill my customer prior to shipping a sales order?
A: Use the Create Advanced Billing function to generate a pro forma invoice for the unshipped sales order. You can bill your customer using the pro forma invoice. Once the orders are shipped, approve the advanced billing in the Approve Advanced Billing function to convert the pro forma invoice into a valid invoice.

Note: The pro forma invoice document is captioned Advanced Billing in versions/builds prior to AccountMate 8.3 for SQL/Express or AccountMate 8.3 for LAN.

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