Dear AccountMate Clients,Superhero in red cape says source code customization means mind-bending flexibility

If it seems like, “Gee, wasn’t V11.1 released not that long ago?”—you’re right! Typically, new releases are about every nine months, but this one drops only six months after the release of V11.1.

If you’re a direct client of NexLAN and have an active Lifecycle agreement for your AccountMate/SQL product—then you should have already received the new version on a USB thumb drive. If you haven’t, please let us know!

The New Features Webinar will be Tuesday, April 7th, from noon to 1:30pm CDT—here’s the link to register—and here’s a sneak peak at some of the new features:

  • Multi-Lingual Dictionaries Are Built-In: Change all menu, screen and report labels to Spanish and French on a per user basis.
  • New Sales Transaction Report by State: Provides information about the total sales amount and/or number of transactions for each state where the items are shipped.
  • XLSX and DOCX format support: Ability to export and e-mail data and reports in the latest MS-Excel XLSX and MS-Word DOCX formats.
  • New Purchase Order Line Item Status Report: Provides information about the PO line items’ status.
  • New Items Requiring Serial/Lot Numbers Report: Lists the serialized and/or lot-controlled items that have no serial/lot numbers assigned to some, if not all, of their units.
  • Payroll Enhancements:
    • Separately track the Adjusted and Converted paid leave hours from the YTD Accumulated and YTD Used paid leave hours.
    • Allows import of income from tips when importing time card data that contain Earning Hour columns.
    • Show pay rate in the Applied Payroll/Payment Report and Check Register Report.
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard, Enterprise, and Express Editions.
  • Ability to assign user access rights in lieu of requiring Supervisor password for Error Log Viewer, Fiscal Period Table Setup, Data Manager and Company Access Lock.
  • And others!

As always, please contact us to discuss getting this latest update installed. Only a handful of clients jump on every release every time, but if you haven’t upgraded in a while then when a new release is made it’s a great time to consider upgrading.

Finally, a reminder that the greatest ever “AccountMate LAN to SQL” promotion is in effect until April 30th—offering modules at 100% discount! More details in our February NewsLine.


Kevin E. Stroud

Checking for New Payroll Tax Updates

Reminder that Payroll Tax Updates are released throughout the year as states make changes to their withholding rates—most recently Maryland and Arkansas, resulting in update 2020.05 which was recently released.

To check what version you currently have installed, hit <Help><About AccountMate> and look on the Payroll tab for the Payroll Tax Subscription Version #. If your current version is earlier than 2020.05, then download the new version—review the steps below. These mid-year updates are pretty easy to install yourself for free, but if you prefer, we’d be happy to connect to your system and install it for you for a small charge; won’t take long and no need for you to hesitate to ask us.

Download tax updates:

  1. All other users need to be out of the system.
  2. Go to <Utilities><Check for Payroll Subscription Updates>, where you may be prompted for the Supervisor password.
  3. Depending on the security settings of your network, the update will either install completely automatically—or it will just download the file prsubam.exe to the root directory of your AccountMate installation and you need to then execute it with a <right click><run as administrator>.
  4. If you have “local installations” of the AccountMate executable (meaning your AccountMate shortcut is pointing to C:\ rather than a mapped server drive or UNC path), then this will need to be run from all desktop PCs that use the Payroll module.

That’s it—but be sure to then re-check <Help><About AccountMate> to confirm you’re seeing the new version number as your current version.

And, don’t hesitate to hit us with any support questions at our usual fee of “no charge.”

AccountMate HQ Training Classes

Still on the schedule is the next 3-day Core Product Training class for AccountMate SQL and Express scheduled for Wednesday-Friday, June 10-12, 2020 at AccountMate’s headquarters in Petaluma, CA. See the course description here and tuition is $2,000 per attendee, but you receive one seat per year with your Lifecycle subscription so contact us to register.

Also, the 2-day Payroll Training class was so well received last fall that another is scheduled for Wednesday-Thursday, September 16-17, 2020 at AccountMate’s offices. If you’re considering bringing payroll in-house this is perfect timing for implementation for 2021. And even if you’re already running payroll in-house there’s numerous features, tips and tricks that you’ll pick up in this deep dive into a complex and powerful module. Again, just contact us to register!

Finally, if you have specific training needs – maybe a specific topic or module – then we’re happy to point you to pertinent info or do a short online training session. Remember, training is your best investment!

Tech Note: Correcting Unmatched PO and Unreversed Accrued Received Goods on Paid AP Invoices

One of the strengths of AccountMate is its Accrued Received Goods functionality, providing visibility to expected liability payments and the means to validate your inventory assets. I will say, however, that it can be challenging to perform perfectly—as humans DO make mistakes during transaction entries—which is why I always jokingly refer to the PO Line Items for AP Matching Report as the one that somebody needs to “sleep with under their pillow.”
But, what to do if/when problems are found and the AP module has already been closed for the month so you can’t amend the AP invoice?
Our Article #1280: Correcting Unmatched PO and Unreversed Accrued Received Goods on Paid AP Invoices discusses how to use the AP/PO Matching feature with or without received goods accrual, the effects of the unreversed accruals and unmatched PO receipts to the GL Account ID balances, and the procedures for correcting these effects.

Tech Note: Understanding How AccountMate Reverses the Cost of Cancelled PO Receipts for Average Cost Items

You may need to occasionally cancel Purchase Order (PO) receipts that were previously recorded—if the wrong items were shipped or the items were of substandard quality—which affects the total cost of the inventory on-hand and, in some cases, the unit cost of the remaining units in inventory.
Article # 1137: Understanding How AccountMate Reverses the Costs of Cancelled PO Receipts Involving Average Cost Items discusses the approach AccountMate takes with respect to the cost that is used to cancel a PO receipt involving average cost items, and explain the principles behind it. It also discusses the journal entries that will be generated. Finally, it illustrates how the remaining units total cost and unit cost are affected by the PO receipt cancellation.

Technical Tips


Versions: AM11 for SQL and Express
AM10 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for LAN

Modules: IC, LC
Q: The validation message, “Inventory item record setup and user access rights to allow negative quantity on-hand updates are required,” is displayed when I attempted to enter a negative quantity adjustment for a lot-controlled item using the Inventory Adjustment function. Why? I want to reduce the lot-controlled item’s on-hand quantity.
A: Negative on-hand quantity is not allowed for lot-controlled items. Verify whether the negative quantity adjustment (Bin Qty ► Adjustment) is more than the current quantity (Bin Qty ►Current Value).

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM11 for SQL and Express
AM10 for SQL and Express
Module: SM
Q: Can I assign a default printer to each AccountMate report?
A: Yes, you can assign a default printer to each AccountMate report. Access the Report Default Printer Setup function from the Printer icon in the System Bar to assign the default printer.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM11 for SQL and Express
Module: PO
Since the Tech Notes above are focused on the PO process, here’s a plethora of enhancements to that module since V11.1, to make sure you’re aware of them:
  1. The ability to receive goods from multiple purchase orders for a certain vendor per warehouse is now possible starting in AccountMate 11.1 for SQL and Express. To receive goods from different purchase orders, a Receive Multiple Purchase Orders function is added to the Purchase Order (PO) module. In previous AccountMate builds, you can record receipt of goods from only one purchase order at a time.
  2. The new Receive Multiple Purchase Orders function allows you the option to enter or lookup either the Item # or Purchase Order # when receiving goods.
  3. In the Receive Multiple Purchase Orders function, the Line Item ► Freight field is a read-only field unlike in the Receive Goods function. To change the freight code and amount, click the Overwrite Freight button next to the Freight field to display the Overwrite Freight window. You can then overwrite the default freight code and freight amount.
  4. To enter the exchange rate when receiving purchase orders from a foreign vendor in the Receive Multiple Purchase Orders function, an input field is provided next to the Currency field of the Line Items tab. The rate will apply to all line items on the grid.

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