Dear AccountMate Clients,

It’s the busiest time of the year for companies whose fiscal years match the calendar year – and phone is ringing off the hook here with year-end questions.  We encourage you to check out the Year End Closing Webinars on Demand – but don’t forget we provide “free 15 minutes telephone and e-mail support” (and don’t exactly sit around with stop watches), so don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 877-2NEXLAN also.

Four other things we always recommend you do right at the start of your fiscal year:

  1. Lock your January 2016 fiscal period!  Whether you’ve closed the fiscal year or not, now is the time when people typo the year in a transaction and accidently post it 12 months in history.  So head to <Housekeeping><Posting Period Restrictions> in General Ledger and check the boxes for each module to restrict posting in that period.  You can also use this during the year to keep transactions from hitting periods that have already been audited and approved – and you can always unrestrict the period if you really do have to post back.
  2. Make a backup of your live company!  Often you’ll want a detailed listing to validate your GL with – whether that’s an AR or AP Aging report or a Warehouse Quantity Listing – and while AccountMate provides “as of” reports for validating many of the Balance Sheet accounts, all too often someone back dates a transaction which you really didn’t want backdated and then it’s nearly impossible to create the validating report.  For AccountMate/SQL clients, if you have our NexSQLBack utility installed then this is only a few mouse clicks.  Details of that are here, and remember that it’s FREE for direct clients of NexLAN.  For AccountMate/LAN clients, look at the properties of your desktop shortcut then just make a “copy” of the entire directory (and subdirectories) that it’s pointing to – which I bet would fit on a USB drive you could put in your pocket for safekeeping at home for an extra level of protection against loss of your facility.
  3. Set your AP 1099 Year!  When you access the reports in the AP module for print 1099 reports and forms (which you’ll need to buy at your local office supply store) they will reference “Current 1099 Year” and “Prior 1099 Year” – without specifically saying what year each of those is.  To set that, hit <Housekeeping><AP Module Setup> and then access the “1099 Setup” tab to set the Current Year in the combo-box at the top.  The combo-box only shows three years at a time, so if you’re more than a year back, then you’ll need to set it to the latest year you can, hit <OK> at the bottom and then go back in again to advance it another year.
  4. Photocopy your wallet!  I mention this every year, but since we always have new clients on distribution for our NewsLine it bears repeating.  Just as you back up the important information on your computer systems, take five minutes to get all the cards out of your wallet, line them up face down on a photocopier and hit the button – then flip everything over and make a copy of the backs for the important “lost card” call-in info.  This five minutes will save hours of effort if you lose your wallet during the coming year and is a good opportunity to review for any expired or expiring cards too.

Finally, would like to take a moment to acknowledge that 2017 is our 20th year here at NexLAN.  Our focus is entirely on AccountMate support and would like to and re-affirm our commitment to providing THE BEST AccountMate support as we continue to grow our expertise, now servicing more than 200 clients across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and Australia.  Since we’ve been at this a while, a question we receive occasionally is “how long will NexLAN keep doing this?”  Since the average age here is 35, rest assured we have at least another 20 years ahead of us – and I’m expecting many more than that.

Happy New Year to all and kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


Kevin E. Stroud

Core Product Training

AccountMate regularly offers the Core Product Training class at their offices in Petaluma, California – which are always HIGHLY rated by everyone who attends.

Since the Lifecycle Plan now includes one seat per year, attendance is up and there’s another class scheduled for February 15-17, 2017 – which is a great time to be in the North San Francisco Bay area!

This is three days of classroom training for first-time AccountMate users and existing users. See the course description here.

ACA Reporting Program Enhancement

Please be aware AccountMate recently provided an ACA Reporting Program Enhancement utility updated version that includes support of the 2016 1094-C/1095-C and 1095-B changes.
Additional information available here, and please contact us if you need this enhancement, which we can provide for your installation or connect remotely and install for you.
Note: The ACA Reporting Program Enhancement is a special utility that provides the functionality you need to facilitate compliance with the Affordable Care Act reporting. This enhancement is added to the Payroll module at NO CHARGE for those clients who are on current AccountMate maintenance plans (either Lifecycle or Standard maintenance plan). Those users with inactive/expired maintenance plans need to contact either you (as their AccountMate Solution Provider) or the Business Development Manager to purchase the enhancement. 

2017 Supported Tax Forms for Payroll Tax Subscription

The 2017 Payroll Tax Subscription program supports the printing of the following tax forms, which are the same as the previous year:

Payroll W-2 Forms

  • 2-up on plain paper only for federal filing – Items # 5207, 5222
  • 4-up perforated blank paper for the Employer, Employee, and State copies (Note: The Employee copy can have the instructions printed at the back, but it is not required.) – Items # 5209, 5221

Payroll W-3 Forms

  • On plain paper only for federal filing

Payroll 1099-MISC Forms

  • 2-up on RED pre-printed form for federal filing – Item # 5110
  • 4-up perforated blank paper for the Payer, Recipient, and State copies (Note: The Recipient copy can have the instructions printed at the back, but it is not required.) – Item # 5221
  • 1096 (on RED pre-printed form) for federal filing – Item # 5110

AP 1099-MISC Forms

  • 2-up on RED pre-printed form for federal filing – Item # 5110
  • 2-up on BLACK pre-printed form for Recipient, Payer, State, or Copy 2 – Items # 5111, 5112

ACA Federal 1095 and 1094 Forms

  • Plain paper for federal filing
  • Portrait paper for the Employee copy (Note: For the Employee copy you can either buy a perforated paper with pre-printed instructions at the back or use a plain paper and print the instructions on another sheet of paper)
  • Plain paper for the Employer copy

Technical Tips

Versions: AM9 for SQL and Express
AM8 for SQL and Express
Modules: SO
TIP: AccountMate allows you to print multiple copies of Sales Orders and to specify to what Department they belong. To do this, perform the following:
  1. Access the SO Module Setup ► Printing tab. Click the Report Form Multi-Copy Setup button beside the Pre-printed Form label in the Sales Order group.
  2. Specify the Copy Label for each field for which you want the report to be generated. Click OK.
  3. Click OK to commit the changes made in SO Module Setup.
  4. Access the Print Sales Order function in the Reports menu.
  5. Mark any or all of the check boxes of the specified copy label for which you want to generate the sales order report.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM10 for SQL and Express
AM9 for SQL and Express

Module: AR

Q: How is the default Effective Date determined in the Record Bank Deposit function?
A: The default Effective Date is the current system date plus one day; however, if the Deposit Date is later than the current system date, the default Effective Date will be the same as the Deposit Date. Note that the Record Bank Deposit function ► Effective Date field is used and enabled only when you are recording a direct deposit (ACH).
■ ■ ■
 Versions: AM10 for SQL and Express
                      AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for SQL, Express, and LAN
Module: AP
TIP: If more than one AP invoice is paid by one check, you need to mark the Show Check Detail checkbox in the Check Register Report interface to display the invoice #s in the report.

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