Dear AccountMate Clients,

One of the benefits of AccountMate’s flexibility is the plethora of 3rd party plug-ins for vertical solutions, and one of the benefits of NexLAN support is we’re always striving to improve your productivity.

Put those together and you have the NexLAN Fall Knowledge Harvest, where we’ll present FOUR AccountMate plug-ins we’ve personally curated as best-of-breed in their categories in a single one-hour session—along with prizes!

An excellent way to get a look at four of the most popular AccountMate productivity enhancers, the webinar will be Thursday, October 22nd, at 1pm CDT, and registration link is here. We’ll cover:

  1. Integrated Customer Credit Card Processing – Lower your processing fees and have a single-point-of-entry for customer credit card payments, including pre-authorization during sales order entry, with the MKT Credit Card plug-in and APS payment gateway.
  2. Automatic Customer Sales Tax – USPS-validated addresses for roof-top accuracy of on-the-fly sales tax rate determination, and automated state filing, with Nex$Tax and TaxJar.
  3. AccountMate “In the Cloud” – Improve your team’s ability to work remotely with no capital expense and reduce IT support costs, with V2 Cloud hosting of your AccountMate system.
  4. Access Your Most Current GL Data in Excel in Real Time – Pull General Ledger data, even across multiple companies for consolidation, into Excel where you can prepare custom reports and graphical dashboards with F9.

Usually, these are hour-long presentations for each, and we certainly won’t be able to cover as much detail in 15 minutes each, but we can present enough information for you to see which are worth following up on—so there’s a four-fold productivity improvement right there! <grin>

We’ll also be awarding THREE $100 Amazon Cards to attendees (yes, must be present to win)—so here’s that registration link again, and we look forward to improving your business operation.


Kevin E. Stroud

Additional Discounts on Core Product Training Seats with Lifecycle Maintenance

The value of your Lifecycle Maintenance agreement just got better! A newly announced benefit, effective immediately—which means it does apply for the Oct. 12-26 class (see next article)—is additional seats at 100% discount in Core Product Training, and discounts for seats beyond that.

100% Discounted Seats 

The number of attendees at 100% discount for the AccountMate SQL Core Product Training class is now expanded for companies on Lifecycle Maintenance with more than 10 concurrent users licenses according to the following schedule:

1 – 10 users = 1 free seat per year at core training
11 – 20 users = 2 free seats per year at core training
21 – 30 users = 3 free seats per year at core training
31 – 40 users = 4 free seats per year at core training
41 – 50 users = 5 free seats per year at core training
51+ users = Open to however many registered users you want to have attend core training

50% Discounted Seats

If you have an active Lifecyle Maintenance agreement and need core product training beyond the 100% discount levels above, either full seats or for specific sessions, they’re now at a 50% discount.


  1. Discounts only apply to Core Product Training, and not to Payroll or other training classes.
  2. Classes have moved online with very positive reviews from attendees to date. It’s easier than ever for users to add new skills, master AccountMate, and learn about features that can help themselves and their companies receive more value from all that your AccountMate system offers.
  3. Give us a shout if you need to know how many free seats your company has remaining in 2020.

October 12-26 Online Core Product Training for AccountMate SQL

The AccountMate Core Product Training class is held quarterly and covers, per its apt title, the core modules of System Manager, General Ledger, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Sales Orders, Accounts Receivable and Bank Reconciliation. Hands-on exercises are provided to facilitate the learning process and give attendees a chance to have one-on-one interaction with the instructor.

Totaling 38 hours over 11 days, this is a deep dive into the modules most every company uses and is valuable for both novice and experienced users. It’s priced at $2,500/attendee or $300/session—but don’t forget your annual free and discounted seats with your Lifecycle subscription (see previous article).

Reach out to us if you don’t see your favorite module listed, or if you’d like complete course outlines and schedules. We’re always standing by in the cornfields!

Early Bird Discount for 2021 Payroll Tax Subscription

AccountMate’s money-saving Early Bird Payroll Tax Subscription Promotion for 2021 is running now for orders placed and paid by November 30th. You save 10% for being the early bird that catches the worm. This savings is designed to encourage you to get your subscription in place before you get extra-busy with year-end closing activities and risk having your subscription inadvertently interrupted.

If you’re running the Payroll module, Rachel has already been in contact so please follow-up with her if you haven’t already.


Deduct Full Software and Equipment Purchase Prices with IRS Section 179

Once again the IRS is encouraging businesses to invest in themselves, by allowing the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and software to be deducted from gross income for the 2020 tax year—rather than spreading that out across multiple years through depreciation.

AccountMate software is an example of business software that normally qualifies for this write-off, as are laptops and other new hardware for users. So if you’ve been thinking of adding seats or an upgrade or a new module—like maybe the AccountMate Kitting module that we covered here last month— it’s worth calculating the tax advantage of doing that this year rather than next year. We’re of course on standby here to help you make that happen by the end-of-year deadline if needed.

For details, read a good explanation of Section 179, and contact your CPA with questions about your specific tax situation.

Tech Note: How General Ledger Is Affected by AR Multi-Currency Transactions

Recording foreign currency transactions in the Accounts Receivable (AR) module may result in realized exchange gain or loss from foreign exchange transactions. It may also result in unrealized gain or loss when foreign currency transactions are revalued to be presented accurately in financial statements and in other reports. These multi-currency transactions may affect your general ledger balances.

Check out Article #1305: How General Ledger is Affected by AR Multi-Currency Transactions which discusses the multi-currency transactions in the AR module that may result in realized or unrealized gain or loss and affect your general ledger balances.


Tech Note: How to Record Foreign Currency Transactions in Accounts Receivable

The need to record invoices and payments from foreign customers and to recognize exchange gains or losses from these foreign currency transactions becomes more evident with the advent of trade globalization. AccountMate’s Accounts Receivable Multi-Currency feature is designed to address this need.

Please see our Article #1154: How to Record Foreign Currency Transactions in Accounts Receivable, which discusses the requirements for recording foreign currency transactions at each transaction level in the Accounts Receivable (AR) module. It also identifies the transactions that result in foreign currency gains or losses and introduces the AR multi-currency reports.

Tech Note: Effects of the Inventory Maintenance “Update On-Hand” Settings

AccountMate users engaged in the service industry may not necessarily carry inventory stock as they count their skilled staff as their main resource. Since they count their skilled resources as their “inventory,” they do not need to reduce their inventory on-hand quantity for services rendered. In addition, processing outstanding customer orders may not require validation against on-hand quantity; at least not in the same way that manufacturing or merchandising companies do with respect to their stock items.

To address these varying inventory needs, AccountMate gives users the ability to activate or deactivate the Check On-Hand and Update On-Hand features in the Inventory Maintenance function.

Full details are found in Article #1195: Effects of the Inventory Maintenance Update On-Hand and Check On-Hand Settings. This Technical Note discusses how the Check-On-Hand and Update On-Hand settings affect various functions in the Sales Order (SO), Accounts Receivable (AR), Inventory Control (IC), Kitting (KT), Manufacturing (MI), Return Merchandise Authorization (RA), and Return to Vendor Authorization (RV) modules.

Technical Tips

Versions: AM11 for SQL and Express
AM10 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for LAN

Module: PR

Q: I have an employee who is paid by piece work and not by hours worked. How do I record this in AccountMate?

A: When you record the piece work in the Time Card/Piece Work function, zero out the hours and rate for the regular type earning code in the Time Card Entry tab. Then, enter the piece work details in the Piece Work Entry tab. AccountMate will automatically add an entry for the Regular earning code with zero hours and a zero rate but with an amount that is equal to the total piece work amount.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM11 for SQL and Express
AM10 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for LAN

Module: AR

Q: How can I amend the line item Ship Qty for an AR invoice that was previously saved? This AR invoice was created manually and was not generated from an SO shipment.

A: To amend the ship quantity, delete the line item, then add it back. Enter the correct quantity in the Ship Qty column.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM11 for SQL and Express
AM10 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM9 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AM8 for LAN

Modules: AP, BR, PR

Q: What is the purpose of the Description field in the third Print Computer Check/Print Payroll Check window and how can I enable it?

A: The Description field in the third Print Computer Check/Print Payroll Check window applies to electronic payment. The value entered in this field is used as the Description for the electronic payment transaction in the Reconcile Bank Account function if the Combine E-Payments for Bank Reconciliation checkbox is marked for the bank account record.

Subscription Information

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