Dear AccountMate Clients,

Interested in reducing your customer invoice delivery costs to zero and accelerating your payment collection cycle?

We’re happy to announce the release of our NexReports AccountMate add-on, which automatically e-mails built-in and custom reports using your AccountMate system as its information backbone.

NexReports sends built-in reports such as Invoices, Statements, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to external e-mail addresses of your customers and vendors; or built-in reports such as Open Sales Orders, AR Aging, or Inventory Reorder Report to internal e-mail addresses of your customer service representatives or purchasing agents.

Thus, your customers and vendors receive information quickly and at ZERO incremental delivery cost – completely eliminating your printing, envelope, preparation, paper and mailing costs – while members of your organization are automatically alerted to critical information without having to manually pull it.

While there have been other options available for e-mailing information from your system, none use the native AccountMate Crystal Reports.  Thus, modifications to, say, the customer invoice have to be done TWICE with those solutions.  With NexReports, the built-in AccountMate reports are used, so all customizations to your reports seamlessly appear in all e-mailed reports.

In addition to built-in reports, numerous custom reports have also been developed to benefit your business – such as automatically sending Dunning Notices to customers X days past due, which dramatically improves your payment collection cycle.

NexReports also allows the flexibility of sending to individual or group e-mail addresses and specifying cc: and bcc: addresses on each report for including, say, the salesperson on communication to their customers.

Installation of NexReports requires no AccountMate source code and makes no customizations to your system, so future upgrades are not impacted.

Priced at $1,500 plus installation and configuration, additional details available here.

Please note NexReports is available exclusively to direct AccountMate clients of NexLAN.


Kevin E. Stroud


Free Vertical Solution Webinars

One of the many benefits of AccountMate’s flexible and scalable architecture is the plethora of 3rd party add-ons available to enhance and extend your system functionality.

Bassets Fixed Asset System

Bassets eDepreciation Fixed Asset System allows companies to simplify the management of their business assets, control costs, maximize tax savings and meet all asset reporting requirements.  Scalable from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of fixed asset records, eDepreciation shares fixed asset data with AccountMate’s General Ledger module via it’s one-click export functionality.

The free one-hour demonstration webinar will be presented Wednesday, May 7th at noon CDT.


We have numerous successful installations of the ShipIT product, which directly integrates your AccountMate Sales Order, Accounts Receivable and RMA modules to UPS, FedEx and USPS.  It automatically passes the ship-to address and weight information to the carrier, prints the carrier labels, and returns the shipping cost – with rule definitions of what to then charge your customer.  It also automates emailing the corresponding tracking numbers to your customer’s e-mails so they know when to expect delivery.

Details of ShipIT are here, and the free one-hour demonstration webinar will be presented Wednesday, May 21st at noon CDT.

Contact us at 877.2NEXLAN or to register and let’s simplify your shipping process while improving your customer service!

AccountMate Core Product Training Class

There are many options for AccountMate training: the built-in context sensitive help files available by hitting <F1> anywhere in the system; online videos if you have an active software maintenance agreement; we’re available to come on site for training; and we receive LOTS of questions from our “Free 15 Minute Telephone/E-mail Support” offer.  But sometimes nothing beats sitting in a classroom where you’re removed from the daily interrupts of your business – and it doesn’t hurt that it’s in Northern California’s Wine Country!

The next class is May 14-16 and will cover AccountMate\SQL V9.1 features and functionality of the core financial modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, Upsell Management, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Bank Reconciliation and Inventory Control.

Contact us for pricing and to schedule, plus travel recommendations.

Technical Tips

Versions:  AM9 for SQL, Express

Module:  GL

Tip: In AccountMate 9 for SQL and Express, you can generate the General Ledger Listing report using a period range that crosses fiscal years.

■ ■ ■

Versions:  AM9 for SQL & Express
AM8 for SQL, Express and LAN
AM7 for SQL, Express and LAN

Module:  AP

Q: I attempted to print multiple checks.  When I clicked the Print Check(s) button in the Print Computer Check window, AccountMate displayed the error message, “Check Date cannot be earlier than [05/01/14]”.  What did I miss?

A: To safeguard data integrity, AccountMate displays this message when you attempt to print a computer check that is dated earlier than the invoice date.  In order to print the check, you must enter a check date this is dated 05/01/14 or later.

■ ■ ■

Versions: AM 9 for SQL, Express

Module: AP

Tip: AccountMate 9 for SQL and Express is enhanced to provide the ability to record a single credit card payment for multiple AP invoices and prepayments.  When the Vendor # is entered in the Post Credit Card Payment screen, the vendor’s outstanding invoices and prepayments are all listed, giving authorized users the ability to enter the amount for each invoice that is to be charged to a credit card.

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